Our Impact

"Season 1 is INCREDIBLE!! I love how the gaming theme, the animation and the voxpops really help to reinforce the whole main point."

Xp. season 1 is an evangelistic digital curriculum for young Aussies without a faith background.

We’re ditching the jargon and christian-ese and meeting young Aussies where they are at.

There are 9x 10 minute epsiodes in season 1.

Season 1 Show Reel:

Quick Stats (since Jan launch):

10,000+ Verified Participants


200+ Sites (Aus+Global)

1000+ Watch hours

"I'm so excited to get xp. out to our communities who so desperately need to hear, engage, and really curiously explore faith."

News and Media:

The Gospel Coalition


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Eternity News


‘So what?’ Helping young Aussies who don’t care explore faith


SALT 106.5 FM


James chats with Jordanna on the Morning Wake Up


1WAY 91.9 FM


James chats with Cay on the Drive Home                       




James chats with Maz, Lilz and Daz on the Takeover



"xp. is fast paced, engaging, and meaningful. It’s perfect for high school aged discussion groups as an evangelistic resource."